OjO Electric Official Sponsor of EarthX 2019

16 Apr

OXNARD, Calif.April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, OjO Electric, LLC, (www.ojoelectric.com) a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company announced its sponsorship of EarthX 2019, April 19-28. The annual event held in Dallas, Texas, brings together environmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and the public to address some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges.

“EarthX is thrilled to partner with OjO the first electric sit-down scooter promoting alternate sustainable mobility solutions, OjO is committed to changing rideshare for good, and since they were recently permitted to operate  here in Dallas, the timing and their mission is a perfect match for us,” said Michael Cain, President of EarthxFilm.

OjO is an electric scooter rideshare program committed to collaborating with local governments to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Built for the bike lane and streets, off sidewalks and away from pedestrians, the OjO scooter is a safe, sustainable and structurally sound scooter for today’s rapidly expanding rideshare market. OjO has a swappable battery that allows it to go up to 50 miles on a full electric charge. In addition, the OjO scooter’s top speed is 20 mph, with the ability to control speeds in particular geo-fenced locations. Unlike other scooters, the OjO includes audible feedback through on-board speakers including alerts for navigation, traffic, speed reduction zones and geo-fence approaches.

OjO is permitted for 100 scooters in Dallas, and is known for the launch of the first ever sit-down electric scooter rideshare program which started in January of this year in partnership with Austin Commuter Scooter, LLC, a subsidiary of Bike Share of Austin. OjO customers enjoy longer rides than typical kick-scooter riders, and increased mileage traveled and drive time reduces cars on the road and carbon emissions.

“We are thrilled to bring OjO to Dallas. The OjO scooter is a far different product than all of the kick-scooters in the market from a safety, quality and comfort standpoint, but the real difference maker for city planners and customers alike is usage and range. While kick-scooters are used for short trips, OjO is providing a true alternative to cars in the micro-mobility space by servicing longer trips,” said Max Smith, CEO of OjO Electric. “The data coming out of our launch is proof that OjO is used for significant time and distances traveled.”

On the heels of its successful launch in Austin, OjO is gearing up to expand to an additional 10 markets in 2019 and will continue to work with experienced logistic companies and local operators from the B-Cycle System and P3GM, a smart city development company. OjO has permit applications pending in several top 25 markets and has sights set on additional cities with the infrastructure and mobility offerings where OjO’s rideshare program makes good sense.

About OjO Electric, LLC

OjO Electric, LLC is a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company creating products and services for first and last mile transportation solutions.  OjO’s vision is to create a sustainable mobility eco-system connecting people, cities and businesses with our services.  The platform is built with open API’s to allow for integration with partners and offer multi-modal solutions. With patented designs, manufacturing and distribution for electric scooters, OjO is a vertically integrated company.  To find out more, visit us @ ojoelectric.com or download the OjO mobile app.

About EarthX 

EarthX convenes the world’s largest environmental expo, conference and film festival. Founded in 2011 as Earth Day Dallas by environmentalist and businessman Trammell S. Crow, the Texas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promotes environmental awareness and impact through conscious business, nonpartisan collaboration and community-driven sustainable solutions. In 2018, the event drew over 138,000 attendees, 2,000 environmental leaders, 700 exhibitors and 400 speakers. EarthX 2019 will be held April 26 – 28, 2019 in Dallas. Visit http://www.EarthX.org. EarthX is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @earthxorg.

OjO Contact: Melanie Wine, Melanie@ojoelectric.com
EarthX Contact: Ariel Herr, ariel@hargrovepartnership.com


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Childrens Literature Books, Fairy Tales, and Fables to Read to Your Children

29 Sep

Children love to be read to! When they are young the more they are involved with literature the better. Before they can read they can listen, watch, and interact with literature through the grownups in their lives. There have been many studies to show that children become better readers when they have been read to before they ever enter school. Being read to at a young age will also help children grow a love of literature that could last throughout their lives. Children will learn that books and reading are important because the grownups in their lives have shared them, and because books and stories have always been a part of their lives. Below is a list of books and stories that I think will be a good place to start sharing with the young people in your life:

Peter Rabbit by Beatrice Potter

Little Critter by Mercer Mayer

Little Bear by Elsa Holmelund Minarik

Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne

Busy Busy Town by Richard Scarry

The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Anderson

The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson

The Elves and the Shoemaker by The Brothers Grimm

The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Aesop

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse by Aesop

The Tortoise and the Hare by Aesop

The Ant and the Grasshopper by Aesop

The Lion and the Mouse by Aesop

The Town Musicians of Bremen by The Brothers Grimm

The Pied Piper of Hamelin by The Brothers Grimm

The Most Incredible Thing by Hans Christian Anderson

Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson

Jack and the Bean Stalk by Joseph Jacobs

Molly Whuppie by Joseph Jacobs

The Three Little Pigs by Joseph Jacobs

These are fun stories that children (and grownups) will enjoy sharing with each other. They won’t get boring even if you read the some story over and over. When my son was three years old he could recite the story of Peter Rabbit by Beatrice Potter word for word without missing even the smallest word in the story. I had read it to him so many times till he knew it by heart and even though he knew it by heart he still wanted me to read it to him! I did read lots of other stories and books to him but Peter Rabbit was his favorite. I hope you can share lots of books and stories with your young ones and find their favorites… maybe they will one day recite their favorite book or story to you. There are also some really good children’s magazines, which I will explore in another article, that have some good stories and fun activities for young children. Have fun reading to your little ones.


Your Cars Power System

12 Jun

Warn the neighbours of your awaiting dog training so that they won’t call the police anytime someone drives by every single day and brings water balloons from your dog or even repeatedly explosions an air horn.

Rolls royce produces costly vehicles that have shown popular in the usa among successful car owners. The particular cars are distinguished for their lower to the ground building.

We took a close look at Ford (the place Quality can be number 1, plus Ford includes a better thought), and found their restructuring plan isnt substantial plenty of to get the job finished. They refer to it as the Way Ahead Plan. We call it the Lost in the Wind plan. They are really taking complete charges for $4 billion within 0People expect to end up being profitable in 08, so why, we check with Whats intending to change amongst now in addition to 08 They presume they can spend less almost $6 thousand in costs. We do not see it, and if they were capable of singing it, do not you think China would jump up on the train and complete whatever they need to do to drag their very own already reduced costs more affordable.

Tata Motors car types are being progressively more demanded simply by Indian buyers. The company is nearly here up with great cars that pleasantly cater to the varied requirements associated with Indian buyers. In the extravagance car category, Tata power generators Safari happens to be an appropriate option for those who look for luxury in addition to comfort and convenience. Tata Motors Safari is among the most most popular Vehicle vehicles in the country. A sporty appearance, spacious insides and inexpensive price points make it a very demanded high-end car amongst Native american customers. A diesel version gives best quality to the car engine that delivers an electric of around 140hp for a price of 4000rpm. A good Tata Safari can certainly best powered on debris roads and difficult terrains without even a little bit of hassle to the motorist or the other individuals sitting in the particular car.

Toyota Corolla Always aggressive, the Corolla costs $14,105 and is particularly considered simply by industry commanders to have the very best quality amongst almost all small cars in the marketplace. A lower price model, the particular Echo, has become discontinued yet a new model, this Yaris, will appear in the future this year plus retail for around $12,000.

After which it there’s what are the statistics express about fixing damaged property or home. Let’s consider this sheer science. Motorcycles weigh up 5 to 10 periods less than the normal car, truck and also SUV. Where the motorcycle is usually totaled in the accident, the car in most cases take minor to average damage. Whilst far when property damage is going, motorcycles conduct less property damage because of the lower mass.

Thriving internet entire world has made it all possible to consider classic cars in just few keys to press. There was occasion when traditional cars which can be also said when antiques plus owing these people was pleasure thing. However today you can find basic cars with wonderful designs with affordable charges.

The Overhead Victoria is a car utilized by all of the police makes of the United States. Your car is rapid, has lots involving room, presents great mileage and is also reasonable. With a tough exterior the actual car is sure to survive the hardest with crashes. Using the price tag regarding $24,000 as well as a mileage of 13/17 city as well as highway, it has the plain style is still rather appealing to any American purchaser.

RC Cars Utility vs Natural gas

16 May

As you can see you will discover only 2 electric hybrid versions in the list, the Prius along with the Civic Hybrid. The rest of conventional burning engine units, which have been great tuned to give greater fuel economy.

This was among the initial cars in the C segment to come back strapped having automatic indication. Here very, Honda Siel Cars Of india (HSCI) agrees which will sales from the Honda Community with computerized transmission can be brisker compared to it has the counterpart getting the manual gear box.

Anyone who knows beauty must fall for the particular BMW ZIt will be the right activities car with the winning attitude. Some appearance and hair styling does match the brigade for 7 series, a Z4 stands out alone. It’s quickness, technology together with power are more than you will want. This could be your own house for Dollars 45,1000.

Repair any car. Get the car functioning and roadworthy, in addition to drive it all to a repair lot. Whether it is at all possible to make a junk car perform, it will sell for up to 10 occasions more than a unable to function well one.

For instance, I’ve saw that the most popular celebrity cars are previous, junk cars – with Mazda wheels. I mean, let’s be realistic of car buying; none of the cars are appreciating in cost. We’re advised that the moment we get yourself a car and it comes off the lot, the value sets out to depreciate. Hence, if just about all cars are minimizing in importance the moment they are available off the bunch, then celebrity cars are no exemption to this guideline. Thus, their cars are good old, junk cars. However, there’s something super stars know about Mazda wheels that you so i don’t know.

Check for the school funding offered about new cars. This will also help you to make your selection if you are mixed up. Also get an individual’s car insured whenever you buy it.

Since consumers prefer to save money on the expenses they have to sustain owing to car title, they are watching out to buy cars which are reliable. The factor with reliability around cars relates to precisely how low any car maintenance charges are, fuel performance, and in general value for money. In most surveys made by automobile entities, it’s been observed of which vehicles from Honda and Toyota will be most reliable in every above mentioned areas. Consumers initially think of these types of brands in terms of buying a car. There are also other car brands which do produce some reliable units.

Available being a roomy four-door 4 door or a fantastic two-door coupe, this kind of compact car is acceptable for zipping about, or hiking kids to help after classes activities.

About August 23rd, a seven-month-old child was discovered inside the car in a parking zone at the Washington University School of Medicine. The baby has been left within the car by her parents, a physician and a health researcher at the university. The infant had apparently been in your car for over a couple of hours with a day in which reached to the 90s. Statistically posted one specific for Hyperthermia Demise of Children during Vehicles, the inside temperatures of a vehicle may rise 21 degrees within 10 minutes, or longer to 55 degrees a single to two working hours. That means that any temperature inside that car was as tall as 140 diplomas.